Foreword by Registrar

Welcome to the Website of the Contractors Registration Board of Tanzania!

The Contractors Registration Board (CRB) is a regulatory body established by the Act of Parliament No.17 of 1997. The Board is charged with the responsibility for registration, regulation and development of Contractors.

This website is a gateway to the useful information in the construction industry in Tanzania. In today's knowledge - based economy, getting the right information, at the right time, to the right audience is becoming increasingly important.

This website keeps the construction industry informed of new developments in the construction business in Tanzania, the East African region and the world at large. The industrial players can make a self assessment on where they stand in relation to the business environment. From thereon they can make proper adjustments, adaptations and "right on time" decisions to stay ahead of competition.

By visiting this Website at contractors, clients and other stake holders in the contracting industry are able to access, inter alia, the Contractor’s newsletter, information as regards to the Board, work opportunities, advances in construction technologies, development initiatives for local contractors, accessibility of tools, equipment and materials etc.
Therefore, this Website has been a catalyst of change, promoting best practices, inculcating a culture of continuous innovation and improvement and delivering value for money to service providers, clients and other stakeholders
In conclusion, I call upon all stakeholders in the construction industry to join hands and ensure that the industry grows, reflects and delivers the aspirations of all Tanzanians.

Eng. J.K Malongo



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